The End Of Gout Review – Pros, Cons, And My Honest Opinion

Hello, I am James Green, and I want to tell you this End Of Gout review will going to be different because this review is coming from someone who experienced recurring gout attacks for five years.

If you also experienced a Gout attack (like me), then you probably know how painful it is. And as per the National Institute of Arthritis, Gout is the most painful form of Arthritis.

Gout commonly occurred due to urate crystals accumulated in joints, which causes inflammation and severe pain. Usually, the formation of these urate crystals takes place in the presence of a high level of uric acid in the blood.

Thankfully, the good news is, it is a curable disease. And you do not need any surgery or pills to treat it. You can follow a 7-day plan provided inside the End of Gout program to cure this disease quite easily.

So, do you want to know more about this program?

In this End of Gout review, I will be answering questions such as what it is, how it works, and its pros and cons, etc. to give you in-depth information about this program to help you decide if it is for you or not.

So enough side talk, lets start this End of Gout review.

What is The End Of Gout Program?

End of Gout review

End Of Gout is the 189-page book created by Shelley Manning for all those people who are suffering from Gout attack and want to stop it permanently.

This is a comprehensive book on gout that covers pretty much every topic, from What is gout? in chapter 1 to How to treat gout in chapter 5. There are a lot of topics that cover in-between these two questions.

People who are more inclined towards Treat Now, Learn Later approach can skip to Chapter 5 where they will discover the exact 7-day plan that Michael Walker, me, and many other people have used to end their gout problem forever.

This book helps people to remove gout attack symptoms and stop gout from happening again. However, gout linked with many other conditions such as obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, etc. so this book tackles these health conditions as well.

All in all, this book aimed to provide all the information about gout in simple and easy terms. You do not need any medical degree or any professional help to understand the 7-day treatment plan provided in this book.

What You Will Get Inside End Of Gout Program?

Here what you will get in this program:

Main PDF Guide:

As mentioned above, this PDF guide is a comprehensive book covering different topics about gout. This book contains five chapters, while the first four contains theory, the last chapter contains a practical part that shows you how to treat gout and stop it from coming again.

Diet & Lifestyle:

Bad diet and lifestyle habits are the main reasons behind the high level of uric acid in the blood. So, this guide gives you guidelines on how you can improve your diet and adopt good lifestyle habits to stop the reoccurrence of a gout attack.

Weight Loss Plan:

Since gout attacks connected with overweight and obesity, that is why the author has included a weight loss plan that is very much similar to the 7-day plan you get to treat a gout attack.


I know the word EXERCISE seems scary when you have unbearable gout pain. However, these exercises are easy, and you can perform them anywhere. You can perform these exercises when you feel comfortable performing them.

Root Cause:

Your doctor may tell the root cause of the gout attack is a high-level of uric acid, but the author does not agree. In this guide, Shelley will tell you the root cause of gout and other linked conditions that even your doctor may not know. She proved his points with scientific studies.


We have good bacteria and bad bacteria. You will learn about them and you will also find out the importance of having good gut health and how good gut health can prevent numerous diseases, including gout.

Heart Problems:

Gout can cause various heart problems so it is important to treat gout as soon as possible. Additionally, this book covers tips on how to keep your heart healthy by consuming heart-friendly foods.

How Does End Of Gout Really Work?

Gout Attack

Shelley has provided a treatment plan that consists of three steps.

Step 1: Restore Balance:

The first step is all about balancing uric acid levels in the blood because it will stop future gout attacks.

This step focuses on removing foods that affect uric levels, and you will learn how to make your diet more inclined towards Alkaline to remove excess uric acid from the body.

This step also provides you a 7-day meal plan that will restore balance to the gut microbiome.

And finally, in this step, you will have to follow principles to avoid the risk of inflammation in your body.

Step 2: Manage Acute Gout Attack:

This step is short as it will tell you how to prepare a first-aid toolkit to manage gout attacks.

This first-aid toolkit contains fast-act home remedies recipes that you can use to reduce gout pain quickly.

You will also find herbs that are best for the treatment and prevention of gout attacks.

Step 3: Supplementation:

In this step, you will get a list of vitamins, minerals, herbs, stress-busting strategies, sleep-improvement formula and more which will help you treat gout attack and stop it from coming again.

This step also contains two additional strategies that will help you to improve your insulin sensitivity and reduce the risk of type-2 diabetes.

Six Things I Like Most About The End of Gout Program

End Of Gout Pros

1. Make Progress Fast

The main reason I like this program is that it works fast to treat a gout attack. It plays a very beneficial program that helps you in reducing your gout and remove it completely from the body along with it, and it will help you in the betterment of your health.

2. Keep Yourself Healthy

It fights with your bacteria and keeps yourself healthy. This will also aid you in maintaining your health and also decreases the health issues which you have to face during gout.

3. Keep You Away From Heart Diseases

If you follow the guidance in eBook and follow advice, the best way to cure gout is eating healthy foods and take proper diet like fruit and vegetable play a great role in keeping yourself healthy, decrease the amount of uric acid in your body naturally and keep your heart healthy.

4. Reducing Weight

The fatty people consist of a huge amount of uric acid in their bodies that cause different health issues including gout. As overweight is the root of every illness, so this program will help you in managing your weight by physical fitness as well as a healthy diet.

5. Control Your Blood Pressure

The End Of Gout Program is very effective as it fights with your health issues and guides you to eat healthy foods along with it will keep your blood pressure in control and keep you away from health issues.

6. Money-Back Guarantee

The most beneficial part of this program, if you feel no change in your body and don’t beat gout, you can have your money back. If you find no results, you will have your money back instead of wasting money.


The End of Gout is a totally safe product designed to prevent you from gout, keep your body healthy and strong, problem-free, aid in weight loss, and much more.

There is no such disadvantage of End of Gout program, as it consists of organic treatment that treats gout properly. It is possible by adopting some healthy habits in your life, like eating healthy, proper sleeping, and exercising. This program is safe and has no side effects.

My End of Gout Final Verdict:

Does it work

If you are suffering from Gout for some time now, then this is the program that you should not miss. This program contains each and every information, treatment plan, and everything you need to treat a gout attack and stop it from coming again.

This program designed in such a way that it can work for anyone. It does not matter if you are in your 40s, 50s, 60s, or even 70s. This is a comprehensive book on gout treatment and it comes in a very affordable price tag as well.

You can access this program in just a one-time cost of $37

Even this minimal investment in your health protected by a money-back guarantee. If you do not find it suitable for you, or you do not get relief from its 7-day plan, or for whatever reason you do not like it, then you can ask for a refund without answering any question.

So, if you are interested in getting a copy of the End of Gout eBook, I will leave the link below to the official website where you can download it.

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